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February 18, 2020

You want to sell your Orlando home, but don’t want holiday showings…

That’s understandable, especially if you had houseguests or if you have children with vacation activities to juggle with your own work and holiday preparations. It can all become a bit “much.”

But now… the New Year is only a few days away. If you’re serious about selling, it’s time to get moving.

As the guests leave and the holiday decorations are packed away, take a critical look at your house.

  • Do you need to do some fix-up and clean-up?
  • Do you have too much furniture for the size of the rooms?
  • Are your closets and cabinets overflowing?

Rent a storage unit, get some sturdy boxes, and begin to de-clutter, cleaning as you go. Pack those holiday things away, along with the extra furniture, summer clothing and toys, dishes you only use on holidays, and the extra linens that are making it hard to shut the door on the linen closet.

Rid your kitchen and bathroom cabinets of outdated items and pack up the appliances you thought you would use, but never do.

Some of your competitors will have gotten ready before the holidays, so they’ll be ready to “go live” immediately after Christmas or New Year’s. It’s wise to join them or follow as soon as possible because there will be those people who are being transferred and need to find a new home here in Orlando in January.

When you’d like a fresh set of eyes to take a look and let you know what you need to do to get your Orlando home ready for market, call me. I’ll be glad to share what I’ve learned about what appeals to buyers – and I’ll be glad to do a market analysis to let you know your home’s value in today’s market.

Cathy Starkweather