Home Valuation

One of the first questions homeowners ask when considering the sale of their home is, “What’s my home worth?” That’s quickly followed by, “What’s the best way to determine the value of my home?” One of the primary indicators for the value of your home is the recent selling price of comparable homes in your area. If you’re watching the market in your neighborhood, you may know what sellers are asking for their homes, but do you know what they’re selling for?

Professional CMA
A Comparative Market Analysis, (CMA), is an evaluation of the value of your property by a licensed real estate professional. To complete a CMA, the real estate professional begins by gathering information about your property, then researching recent sales of comparable properties in and around your neighborhood, and finally by assessing the condition and attributes of your property in person.

Naturally, an in-person professional CMA would be the far more accurate of the two options. While technology has come a long way, there is so much that goes into a specific home’s value that cannot be accounted for without seeing it in person. This is especially true in the greater Orlando area, where many homes were built decades ago and many just recently, but in similar areas of town. Two homes which may appear to have similar attributes on paper (or to a computer), may be dramatically different in the degree of upkeep and level of renovation. Very often the details available in the public records are outdated, incomplete or inaccurate. Homes may have undergone extensive renovation or even additions and this information is often not reflected in the public records.

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