February 18, 2020

Will The Right Paint Color Help Sell Your Home?

It might. And the wrong paint color can certainly make it harder for you to sell.

First, look at the exterior. If the paint is in good condition, consider power washing to remove the dust and give it new energy. Can you tell if you need a new coat of paint? If your hand is chalky after swiping the paint, it’s definitely time. If a new coat of paint is called for, consider your choices with three things in mind:

  • Will this color appeal to the masses?
  • Does this color “fit” the neighborhood?
  • Will this color complement the color of my roofing?

Studies show that white is preferred by about 40% of homeowners. It has the added advantage of flexibility because you can add other colors to the door and to the window and door trim.  The drawback is that white shows dirt more than other colors do, so it may need to be power washed more often.  Grays and other neutrals are also fairly safe, while pastels such as peach, and vibrant colors such as purple could make your house stand out like the proverbial “sore thumb” in the wrong neighborhood.


If your house is already a neutral color and doesn’t need to be repainted, painting the front door a bright and lively color can add new vibrancy. The color you choose might not appeal to everyone, but since a door is small, buyers won’t dismiss the house based solely on the color of the door.


Inside, it’s a good idea to add a fresh coat of paint and to stick to neutrals. Fortunately, neutral no longer means white or beige. The “New Neutrals” include shades of gray, pale blues, and sage greens. Some decorators recommend using a vibrant color as an accent wall in a room or two but do so with caution.  Unless your potential buyers love the color, it could be a drawback. And, unless they’re planning to buy new furniture, they’ll be looking at the house with an eye toward how their own furnishings will look in your spaces. Earth tones can be a good choice for accents.


Whatever you do, resist going wild in every room with a color that may appeal to only a few. You want agents and their buyers referring to your home as the one with the beautiful rock fireplace, the well-appointed gourmet kitchen, or some other appealing feature – not as “the turquoise house” or “the electric purple house.”  Yes, buyers can repaint, but many buyers today are looking for an Orlando / Central Florida home that is “move-in ready.” Few will want to repaint the entire house before they move in, and those who are willing will likely want a price reduction to cover the time and expense.


You may love one of the new colors of the year, but remember you’re not painting for you. You are painting to give your home the greatest appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. Stay neutral even if you personally consider it boring.


If you’d like to know what colors buyers here in Orlando / Central Florida seem to love this year, call me. I’ll be happy to share what I’ve learned.

Cathy Starkweather