November 16, 2022

How to deal with vcruntime140 dll error

To download the missing .dll files from the official Microsoft website, follow these given below steps. You must also know which version of the .dll file is suitable for the specific operating system that you are using. A Visual C++ Redistributable Package contains the library files required for a program to work.

  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to launch the Command Prompt with administrator permissions.
  • This article will explain what vcruntime140_1.dll is and how you can overcome it and avoid it happening in the future.
  • Go to Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019, and select the link next to x64.
  • The Redistributable package architecture must match your app’s target architecture.

An installed or portable texstudio produce the missing dll error described above. This game is compatible with PC using a PlayStation Emulator that is provided for you in the download. If you get any errors, follow the video tutorial linked in this article. If you get missing dll errors, make sure to look for a _Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install directx, vcredist and all other programs in that folder.

vcruntime140.dll for PC

The MSVCP140.dll error seems to show up when the user tries to open installed programs on their computer but is unable to because of the problem. We suggest you start from fix #1 but feel free to try any of them in case your issue persists. Advanced System Repair should have fixed your VCRUNTIME140.dll missing error by now. If you ever had a suspicion that your PC is under infection, it is reasonable to run a scan for malicious presence and other unwanted software. Whether you know it or not, malware could sneak into your system without consent and cause some changes inside configuration settings leading to various errors. You can use either in-built Windows Defender or install advanced anti-malware software that will combat threats that Windows could miss.

You can easily download the latest version of the missing DLL file from our download page. Make sure you know which operating system (32-bit or 64-bit) is currently running on your system. If you have a 32-bit OS then download a 32 bit DLL file and vice versa.

Method #02: Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (x64 and x86 both)

This will surely fix the error message because most of the time this error message occurs due to missing this file. So, to install it you can download and install DLL files Client. You don’t have to bother about the system and you don’t need the exact knowledge of files because in one click DLL files Client will install the correct file.

Tested 7 Methods to Fix VCRUNTIME140_1.DLL Error Windows 10/11

You have two programs to choose from, for 64-bit operating systems and for 32-bit systems. If you’re not sure how your OS runs, check the Bonus Tip below to find out. The first option is to use Windows Security , a built-in Windows application that scans and protects your computer from malicious software. There are special repair utilities for Windows, that can solve problems related to registry corruption, file system malfunction, Windows drivers instability. We recommend you to use Advanced System Repair to fix the “missing VCRUNTIME140.dll” error in Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, or XP. If the source of the problem was a bug, vcruntime140.dll download updating your Windows is a potential solution.

Cathy Starkweather