Client Reviews

Hudson Family


"Cathy just helped us with the purchase of our 5th property in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. My husband and I could not imagine going through this process without her expertise and constant help. She knows the business process from start to finish, and she is an expert on the local real estate market.
Cathy is very personable yet professional, and she is always available, prompt, and efficient as well as being a superb negotiator. Additionally, she always goes above and beyond the call of duty to help us with a transaction. Then she always has a list of reliable contractors to help with renovations, so her help continues after the sale.
After working with Cathy on five transactions, we consider her to be a close friend as well as our real estate agent. I always give her my highest recommendation whenever anyone asks about a real estate agent in the Orlando area. Cathy is the best of the best!"

James Prior


"Cathy and her team helped me in the purchase of a vacation rental in Davenport and I couldn't be more pleased. Living out of state, I had to rely on Cathy to give me information about the area and the house. She spent a lot of time with me on the phone and answering questions. There is no doubt  she knows the area and the housing market. She negotiated a price that fit with the area despite the sellers asking more than what was offered. Cathy also helped me is starting the search for all of the local resources that I needed to include, mortgage companies, insurance, and property management. There was no pressure to use them, but it was a great starting point. The property had no pictures available so her team went to the house and took pictures and video to send to me. Overall, the experience with Cathy was awesome and made our home purchase decision and process easier than I ever expected!!!"

Andy Warner


Cathy helped us to purchase our dream holiday home in Florida. As We are from the UK our knowledge of the local property market and buyers process wasn't great. However Cathy was a great help with her extensive knowledge of the area and her valuable expertise in the buying / selling  process. Cathy was able to guide us through the buying process with ease and help us to purchase our dream property within our budget. Due to her expertise within the business she was also able to direct us to the various contacts we needed to help us deal with the closing of the sale. 

RJ Brind


Being new to Florida, we had absolutely no idea as to the right area for us, things to avoid or any of those little nuggets that a local home buyer may take for granted. Cathy worked tirelessly over the three days that we had to find a home and provided us with a number of attractive options. In  fact, the home that we eventually bought was recommended by Cathy at around 10:00pm one evening. She is the ultimate professional and knows the business. My wife and I trusted her with providing us with input and options for the most important financial decision that we've encountered in many, many years and she delivered! We highly recommend her.

Denise Boettcher


"Best Realtor in Orlando, Florida (& Central FL)" is how I would describe Cathy Starkweather. You won't find a better real estate agent, and we are still working with her because she knows what we are looking for, and we had such a smooth real estate transaction the first time around when purchasing a vacation rental property. She got the deal done and closed in less than 2 weeks, I think closer to 10 days, if I recall. She is one of a kind with her expertise and knowledge of Florida real estate. She helped us navigate a vacation home purchase, and somehow managed to work around our busy schedules, as though she had no other client commitments. I can see why she has is so successful in helping both buyers and sellers from the US and all over the world. She keeps the process moving and provides a huge amount of helpful information, and saved us time and money in the process. And she tells you exactly how things are, but in a productive, helpful manner!


Dean Norris


"As Tina Turner would say - Cathy is 'Simply the Best!!' My partner and I live in London, England and were looking to re-invest the sale proceeds from our Miami Beach condo. On two separate visits to Orlando we spent a relaxing day with Cathy and she showed us various properties and areas so we  could get a real feel for what was available and start to work out exactly what would work for us. Having been born and raised in the area, she has seen and knows all there is worth knowing. She is fun, patient, honest, reliable and delivers! There was never any pressure or hard sell which is my pet hate. We trusted her judgement completely and ended up buying a vacation home sat in London without actually visiting the property ourselves. She sent us photos and a video and as she had taken the time to get to know us and our requirements and preferences we knew the place was for us! We now have a wonderful home and could not be happier. We have stayed in touch with Cathy who we now look upon as a dear friend as well as our Realtor for life!"

Jerry Martinsson


"Probably the best realtor you can find. Cathy is extremely attentive and proactive. Since we are foreign buyers we were appreciated that Cathy guided us through all of the steps . The whole process was done through email and telephone. Thanks to Cathy we were never worried we had total confidence  in her. She also guided us through everything else like taxes, bank, electricity, property management, furniture etc. etc. I would recommend Cathy for anyone looking to buy or sell a home! She is very knowledgable and goes way above and beyond! If you are a foreign buyer, no worry Cathy will guide you through the whole process. To Cathy! Thank you for your excellent service and helping us take the leap to find our dream home in Florida!"

Christopher Duquin


If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Central Florida Cathy is the one person you should call first! Our family has now purchased two properties near Disney with the help of Cathy. She will be patient as you find the perfect property and then make sure the process continues to move  along to close o she will be patient as you find the perfect property and then make sure the process continues to move along to closing.