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Get to know Cathy and Kerstin...

Hi, I'm Cathy. I was born in Lake county, raised mostly in Seminole county and have lived my adult life with my husband, Scott of almost 26 married years in Orange county. 

I have two boys, Austin, 25 and Dylan 19 (20 in June). We had an amazing Boxer, Sundae for almost 13 years... she passed away on 2/14/19. She was truly a family member.

 I was originally in real estate and property management while in college at UCF. I was approached with an amazing opportunity in marketing and advertising by a client in real estate. From there, I spent many years in advertising, radio, TV and multi-media.

While I was very happy, I was approached by a friend in real estate who really thought I should go back in the business, so I did.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve made, I love helping people find the perfect home.  

To see how happy buyers are after closing on a home is magic for the soul. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first time home buyer; vacation home buyer; someone buying their third+ home... the excitement is still there.

Knowing I have the opportunity to be a part of that is refreshing and knowing I can make their purchase as easy as possible because I care about each person makes what I do for a living more than that, it gives me purpose in life beyond the happiness and purpose I have in my personal life.

     Buying a vacation home on one of our lakes or golf courses is a great investment...

“Cathy did a fabulous job selling our home. She really went the extra mile to research the local market in the area and got us the very best price. As an inexperienced seller and new to the real estate market, I had many questions and issues that I wanted to make sure were addressed during this  process. She was very thorough and detailed with her answers. Her response time was same day so there was no waiting or guessing as to what and how things would be done. Closing was so simple. There is no doubt why she is a Top Agent. I will definitely be using Cathy again for any of my real estate ventures in the future and highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. She was a pleasure to work with. Great Job Cathy!” -Tara Fueri 

Tara Fueri 

“Cathy is a true professional. This lady knows her stuff.... you know when you talk to someone and you can tell that they know what they are talking about from the first word. My wife and I recently purchase a home from her and Kerstin, they were extremely knowledgeable about the area; I would ask  about a home at a specific address and she would just real off facts about the area like it was nothing. My wife call her the human encyclopedia. If you're looking to purchase a home and need honest professional advice, look no further. She really went to battle for us to make the deal happen. I would absolutely 100% recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home. She is not a fly-bye-night realtor; she's been doing this for a while and you can by her professionalism. “ - Rohan Stephens

Rohan Stephens 

Recommended Communities

Kissimmee Homes for Sale

Kissimmee is one of the fastest growing cities in Central Florida and offers residents all they could ever want in a community. The city is a multi-modal transportation hub that features the Amtrak train station, a Greyhound bus station, access to the Lynx network, and what will be a future stop for the new SunRail commuter system. Access to Florida’s major highways means residents have all the state’s attractions at their fingertips, from gorgeous beaches to the bright lights of Orlando.

Ocoee Homes for Sale

Plenty of existing establishments with many more being added as parts of this area are growing each year.

Davenport Homes for Sale

Davenport is a very small city located in the state of Florida. With a population of 3,011 people and eight constituent neighborhoods, Davenport is the 322nd largest community in Florida. Davenport has seen a significant amount of newer housing growth in recent years. Quite often, new home construction is the result of new residents moving in who are middle class or wealthier, attracted by jobs, a healthy local economy, or other amenities as they leave nearby or far away areas for greener pastures.

Clermont Homes for Sale

Clermont is a medium-sized city located in the state of Florida. With a population of 30,033 people and six constituent neighborhoods, Clermont is the 99th largest community in Florida. Much of the housing stock in Clermont was built relatively recently. The construction of new real estate can often be taken as an indication that the local Clermont economy is robust, and that jobs or other amenities are attracting an influx of new residents. This seems to be the case in Clermont, where the median household income is $53,766.

Winter Garden Homes for Sale

Located in Western Orange County, Winter Garden, Florida is a beautiful small town that is sited just 14 miles west of downtown Orlando’s endless shopping, delicious restaurants, and world-renowned theme parks including Universal Studios, Sea World, and Disney World.

Windermere Homes for Sale

The settlement of Windermere began in the mid-1880s when Englishman Stanley Scott built his home in the area, giving it and the surrounding orange groves the name of Windermere. In memory of the Lake Windermere region of England. Other settlers followed, and a town site was platted in 1889, but the community was not formally incorporated until 1925.

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